April 23, 2014
The Old Stones (Poem 23 of 30, April 2014)

Everything is organized by a wise old crone in the hinterlands
A castle bound creature in Switzerland
Marred by betrayals from all her friends
The way it comes together is really simple
Her information flows to and from the centerpiece
A simple center piece
Cracked lacquer purses and quail’s egg dresses
Summer breeze window philosophy bait traps
Clasping them all into bottles of wine round the fire
Bottles of wine until the walls are painted red with honesty
Your wings have fallen off
But you learned to walk on the clouds
The saving graces
On the letterpress invitation
Please join us on the rocky steppes of VerGetzdenboom
We will loose the arrows and have shots with the teachers on sabbatical
And the sabbatical teachers
The children are encroaching slowly on the impenetrable fortress
With undiscovered disco discoveries, this is not a party this is not a classroom
“We have the gene altering medicines!” shout the children
There’s no use trying to reason with them, they are rightfully pissed
And it cannot be explained to young people about how everything
Is organized by just one person, born into their job, millenniums of adaptation
Like an unscalable keep carved from the old stones

April 23, 2014
First date with the Dalai Lama (Poem 22 of 30, April 2014)

At first the overwhelming sense of inner peace is enough, as general “vibe” of a date goes, this one’s an A+, but you did not bargain for all the Lama’s monk buddies tagging along. And it’s a little embarrassing when you and his holiness crack into your lobster and champagne, as the monks shovel pate into their grateful little mouths.

April 22, 2014
Poem 22 of 30 (April 2014)

Raining julep majesty
The burning riverboat careens down the rapids as you scream for more coal more fire!
In this rendition I stand in fine silks and peddle elixirs from a velvet bag
*you! Come here and pour some of whatever the hell that stuff is into this furnace!

April 21, 2014
Look (Poem 20 of 30, April 2014)

look, there are problems
long lustrous problems
problems that are not on speaking terms
driving broken down toyotas to jobs at wal mart problems
sickening themselves on cheap liquor and karaoke
the problems have children, running around the toy section at sears throwing monkey shit at each other and at you and some old people problems
the expanded waist line pants dance a pre Cambrian contata spritzing White Diamonds on hairless cats problems
waking up alone blood stains on the pillow little pin pricks on your neck you ask for your steak raw, you eat it at the alternative bookstore, the clever underground fetishists take pictures, some one floats accusations of misogyny problems
every 1600 feet is a military out post, the entire global industrial complex lifeblood is on the other side of these well armed sociopathic rent a cops where your blind date told you to meet her problems

April 20, 2014
Poem 19 of 30 (April 2014)

All the ways and manners you can find yourself immersed in someone having their way with you
A path to glory from the Eastern front to the majority of facing currency
Just practical emotional tactics
A manual process with a thick binder of vetted procedures
How to change the depth of the focal length with a presentation of valid information
The status inflates how you feel about your achievement

April 17, 2014
Poem 17 of 30, April 2014

I’m of the opinion that it’s like fish in the Capitol
Everybody’s out of water but really there was no water anywhere for anyone anyway
Just faucets, so many faucets
And installation manuals
And beautiful pictures of water
Picturesque playful splashing panoramas
Come in, the waters fine
But no actual water
And it’s not fine

April 16, 2014
Poem 16 of 30

A charming heroin memoir
Dedicated to the dead
Who shall have their day
And walk the earthen nothing
Out in the dilapidated mire
Forested shadow merchants

April 15, 2014
Carousel (poem 15 of 30, April 2024)

I don’t remember when the glass was tinted green
Or how the playground revolves around the sun
And being in those hallways
The copious echoes are wavering what
We could say at the time
Before approaching each other’s
Known quantities
Another example of open mic as support group
But what do you want to be spoken?
Continuous songs, the turn of phrase too heavy and irreplaceable to be of interest
With how it all played out
Over the years
I can give you the tokens that play this Carousel

April 14, 2014
Curiosity Birthed a Cat (Poem 14 of 30, April 2014)

I poured ezra a glass of milk
After reciting the story of passover
With the children who know things
And the adults who know better
We are the exponential result of unbridled exultation and the most restrictive calculation
This frame of reality causes a response
To the
Cauldron of defiance
A cavalcade of children’s music
The baby and the watchers
And the supply of ideas that we expouse
As if there is a literal interpretation of how we should be
What is better than heartfelt family and the understanding it is not permanent but immortal
Ezra held my hand until there was enough milk in his glass

April 14, 2014
Protons and their followers (Poem 13 of 30, April 2014)

In service of neophytes
Their real friends are eschewing attendance
Sitting in the backroom of the cabana
Laughing at some ridiculous substitute situation
that has been trickled down to keep the tequila flowing

adjustments have corrected the leakage
a split in the carrying mechanism
left gorgeous apostles preaching visible tones on amethyst rocks
With the air sucked from the room

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