April 15, 2014
Carousel (poem 15 of 30, April 2024)

I don’t remember when the glass was tinted green
Or how the playground revolves around the sun
And being in those hallways
The copious echoes are wavering what
We could say at the time
Before approaching each other’s
Known quantities
Another example of open mic as support group
But what do you want to be spoken?
Continuous songs, the turn of phrase too heavy and irreplaceable to be of interest
With how it all played out
Over the years
I can give you the tokens that play this Carousel

April 14, 2014
Curiosity Birthed a Cat (Poem 14 of 30, April 2014)

I poured ezra a glass of milk
After reciting the story of passover
With the children who know things
And the adults who know better
We are the exponential result of unbridled exultation and the most restrictive calculation
This frame of reality causes a response
To the
Cauldron of defiance
A cavalcade of children’s music
The baby and the watchers
And the supply of ideas that we expouse
As if there is a literal interpretation of how we should be
What is better than heartfelt family and the understanding it is not permanent but immortal
Ezra held my hand until there was enough milk in his glass

April 14, 2014
Protons and their followers (Poem 13 of 30, April 2014)

In service of neophytes
Their real friends are eschewing attendance
Sitting in the backroom of the cabana
Laughing at some ridiculous substitute situation
that has been trickled down to keep the tequila flowing

adjustments have corrected the leakage
a split in the carrying mechanism
left gorgeous apostles preaching visible tones on amethyst rocks
With the air sucked from the room

April 13, 2014


April 11, 2014

The thing about a poem a day is
There’s an exhaustion that doesnt give a shit about poetry
You know that cricket sound in the woods beyond the house
Where the samurai stand
That’s the place where I assume it’s all predictable
Like the way everything is domesticated including us
Sometimes I dont think pot should be legalized as the avenues for the alternative economy are all being eliminated
Any type of what could be considered the human endeavor are falling to the edges or disappearing altogether
The manufacturing of it is a massively complex operation
When I have this grey inclination, the wall is hit
Anything that believes it is outside this descent is not clear on how it’s participating
Complicit in the bottling

April 10, 2014

Are there typewriters where you come from
Whiskey for my horse
Futura for the prospectors
Making their alchemy biscuits
Solid gold biscuits pulled from the crux oven
He who controls the spice controls some other stuff too
A cranky banshee infant
A failed black op at Disneyland
All zappa references
Fabulous furry freak brothers
Sgt peppers again
The sexy mirror
Double concept album dragon poster
All of these things under control
In a beautiful list
I am speaking incantations under the scratch of vinyl
The interstellar continuum brings us out to the temple again
We pray in warehouses with songs and stories

April 9, 2014
Topeka (Poem 9 of 30, April 2014)

Falling off the world
Is easy enough to do
Just take a running start towards the moon
It’s a faithful leap
The kind of which harbors no ill will
Interrupts the Marx brothers
For just a split second
Sits the cat down next to everyone
And splits the seams of perception
With a lot of insistence about the type of technicality you’d like to trip on

Fiery Rashomon catapulting scenic vistas on your peace of mind
Lots of flags and treachery and incredibly intricate villainy

It’s all a matter of degrees
Intersecting parlance
1961 Topeka, Kansas
The coca cola runs deep
As the heat bares witnesses

Inconclusive testimonials
The dust is not anything without its mythos
And no one sees value in pursuing the matter any further

April 8, 2014
the day was just spectacular (Poem (haiku) 8 of 30, April 2014)

spectacular day
made the smoke monster so proud
i am the monster

April 7, 2014
just some ghosts in the kitchen (Poem 7 of 30, April 2014)

making up what are the conditions for adulthood
the dinner parties and professions of choice
and the entrees on the better plates, plates that match, and were procured from the open air market
silent descent to rec rooms, family rooms, carpeted lounges, the liquor cabinets in that super inviting state of unlockedness
i blame viet nam and est therapy
but more likely, rental halls with folk dancing and yoga sessions are the significant agitators
getting bored with spouses and children and society and accountability are resultant effects
the psychological abandonment of anything grounded, flinging cosmic unpreparedness into the awarenessphere
the tao te cha-ching
I can’t get back to the childish occurrences
I can’t reassemble the stunning revelations
like rivers through oceans
no one is interested in circumnavigating the unknown
least of all me, most of all of me

April 6, 2014
What Happens Sometimes (Poem 6 of 30, April 2014)

The paper is in the wind again
I cant think when it started but here we are
And it’s on now

Dont really know how many times we’ll follow these satellite diversions as
They trace a toxic orbit around us

The spiral is a way to find the beginning of it without knowing that anything is repeating

Dont acknowledge anything resembling an exit or a shift in modalities as the cuts bleed into the system and an entire culture depends on them

A random association can cause attractions, surplus definity and the loss of way points

These words are in a vacuum
Just idling
Waiting for understanding

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